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How Air Pressure Affects Your Thinking

Do you ever find that it gets a little harder to keep yourself on track when a storm is coming?

That's because some people are sensitive to small changes in atmospheric pressure.

Storms can cause air pressure to fluctuate, which can then affect how well our brain works.

If you're tired or sleepy, you might find yourself staring out the window instead of typing out the last few graphs on that report.

But if you're alert, the drop in pressure might actually help you work faster. Some people feel energized by storms.

Our moods can also be affected. If that long talker in line behind you is just getting on your last nerve. It might be not be your fault. Maybe it's the air pressure that's getting to you.

At high altitudes, where the pressure is low, some folks can have more difficulty reading a map or doing other tasks that involve thinking until they've gotten acclimated.

What's more, short term memory can take a hit. What's more, short term memory can also…wait …did I just say that? I can't remember …maybe it's time to come down.

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If you can’t think clearly, there might be a storm brewing. Weatherman Flip Spiceland shows you how a drop in air pressure can affect your brainpower.


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