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How to Make Blood Sugar Testing Less Painful

If you have diabetes, checking your blood sugar can be a pain-- literally.

That's because your fingertips, the prime sites to draw blood, are loaded with nerve endings, which transmit pain signals to the brain.

But there are ways to make testing less painful.

Use a newer blood sugar meter. Newer models require less blood, which means your don't have to prick as deeply.

And some models allow you to take blood from other sites like arms, palms or thighs, which have fewer nerve endings.

While this can give your fingers a break, fingertip testing is still more accurate--and occasionally necessary.

So when you have to prick your finger, test on the side, where there are fewer nerve endings, instead of the middle or tip.

Keep track of where you test and alternate fingers.

Using the same place each time can cause calluses, which may make it more difficult and more painful to obtain a blood sample.

Also, be sure to regularly change out your lancets, the small needles that fit into lancing devices. A dull lancet will hurt more than a sharp one.

Just like needles, lancets come in different gauges.

A higher gauge, which means a thinner lancet tip, is usually less painful.

By following these simple steps, you can help take some of the sting out of managing your diabetes.

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Testing blood glucose levels regularly is one of the keys to managing diabetes. But pricking your finger multiple times a day is a real pain. Learn how to make testing blood sugar less painful.


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