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Where Germs Hide in Your Office

Many of us spend lots of time in an office, but did you ever consider how clean it is?

Turns out that office hygiene depends a lot upon your gender—and job.
Researchers tested samples from men's and women's offices in different professions.
They found that women were the germier gender. Their offices had twice the bacteria of men's.

The germiest job? Teaching—not surprising, considering the less-then-hygienic company they keep.

Coming in second were accountants, whose desks had the most germs of any sampled.

The prize for least germy goes to … lawyers. Though their reputations might not be spotless, their offices apparently are.

Overall, the germiest spot in offices was the telephone, followed by the computer keyboard and mouse.

The area with the most mold was the bottom of desk drawers, where stashed-away lunch leftovers can turn into a bacteria buffet.

Now, before you rush to disinfect your office, remember that everyday germs are not a serious threat to most healthy people.

The best way to protect yourself is to do what your mother always told you: wash your hands often with soap and water.

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How clean is your office? Dr. Bruce Dan looks at the germiest jobs and where around the office germs tend to collect.


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