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The Holy Grail for Diabetics--Sort of
If you have diabetes and an iPhone, life may get easier. Our friends at reported this week that a European pharmaceutical company has produced a medical device that plugs into the iPhone and can check your blood sugar. The Sanof-Aventis iPhone iBGstar glucose meter still has to be approved by regulators, but you can look at photos and details now. It may not be an artificial pancreas, but it sure could make checking your blood sugar cool.

Give the Feds Your Old Meds
If you've ever wondered how to dispose of your old medications, the Drug Enforcement Agency has a new suggestion: Don't throw them out, give them to the DEA. Sept. 25 is the DEA's National Take-Back Day for expired prescription drugs, according to CNN.

Being Overweight Is Pricey
A new economic study has pegged the yearly cost of being overweight: $4,879 for women and $2,646 for men. The new study, detailed on calculates the what it costs to be bigger from more sick days and lost productivity to higher fuel costs. What's with the big difference between costs for men and women? Heavier women earn less than their skinnier counterparts, while men make equal pay despite their weight, the study found.

Amputee Swims Channel
A lot of people have measured their swimming stamina by crossing the English Channel. But when quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon swam it this week in 13 hours, he proved he could come back from a harrowing injury and still knock off a major bucket list item. Read more about his swim from

What do you get when you cross an elliptical with a bike? See how some gadgets are taking bikers on a wild ride.