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Why Don't Women Have Adam's Apples?

"Hey doc, why don't women have Adam's apples?"

Actually, women do have Adam's apples—they just aren't as large as men—usually.

The name comes from the story of Adam and Eve. Adam wasn't supposed to eat the apple, so it got stuck in his throat.

That bulge is officially known as the laryngeal prominence. It's cartilage that protects your larynx, the structure in your neck that houses your vocal chords.

During puberty, a boy's larynx grows, giving him a deeper voice, and along with it the surrounding cartilage grows. The result—the protrusion we call the Adam's apple.

A girl's larynx also grows, but not nearly as much. Also, women generally have a higher percentage of body fat than men, which gives their necks a more streamlined look.

Still, some women do have noticeably visible Adam's apples, though scientists are divided as to why.

Unfortunately for men though, the Adam's apple's most noticeable function may be to embarrass them. It's been known to bob up and down when they're nervous. So don't ever lie to your wife—she'll probably be able to tell.

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Hi.Just saw this and said ummm Marge was right about,
the "Adams apple" thing... ha ha ha

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