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Why Today's Portion Sizes Are Bigger

And so I looked up calorie content of foods 20 years ago versus today. 'Cuz we all know that portion sizes are out of control, right?

The Surgeon General and the Food and Drug Administration are now trying to do something about it. They recently redid the food pyramid--everybody see that?

And the tried to give some indications of what a serving size is, and so they say a 3-oz. size serving of chicken or fish or beef is no bigger than a deck of cards. And a 1-oz serving of cheese is about the same size as a pair of dice.

And so I think what we can learn from this is that the Surgeon General has a real gambling problem, and the Surgeon General is neither a surgeon nor a general. He's just some guy who gets sued by the attorney general all the time I guess right?

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Stand-up doc Brad Nieder dishes on why our plates are getting bigger.


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