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Foods That Relieve Heartburn Symptoms

If heartburn is a burning issue, you probably know the typical fire starters: Pizza and chili; fried, spicy, fatty, creamy foods; and coffee, to name a few.

But some foods can also help provide relief.

A high fiber diet that includes whole grains and vegetables can reduce symptoms. So can bananas, which are natural acid fighters. Mild ginger tea in limited amounts may ease the gas that contributes to heartburn.

For dessert, sour candy may do more than just satisfy a sweet tooth. It increases saliva, which neutralizes stomach acid. Sugarless gum has the same effect. Just stay away from mint flavoring because it relaxes muscles in the esophagus, allowing stomach acid to splash up.

If you get heartburn regularly, talk to your doctor. Proper treatment is important for keeping that slow burn from becoming a full-fledged fire.

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I have suffered with severe heartburn and I have found that almonds relieve my heartburn. Not sure why . . . maybe you could tell me! Thanks! Linda Bosco

almonds are alkaline which neutralizes the acid like the saliva does. they are great for heartburn and stomach problems!

I have had severe heartburn for 10 years now and have found that apples help tremendously!

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