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Tools That Can Help the Elderly Live Safely Alone

As we continue to live longer the number of elderly people who live on their own is expected to increase. Now technology is helping the older set get the kind of care at home that they need—while maintaining the independence they want.

The eNeighbor wireless sensor is just one of many that can be used throughout your home to chart your daily activities.

Contact, motion and other sensors keep track of whether you're making the rounds like using the bathroom or even getting into bed.

If the sensors detect you aren't up and about as you should be, an alert is sent to a central monitoring system. It triggers a check up call to your home and if you don't answer, it calls other responders on your list.

It also comes with an emergency call device that sends an alert at the touch of a button. One of several systems typically available through care providers. eNeighbor costs about $90 a month.

The Genesis DM remote patient care monitor speaks to you, which makes recording your vital signs a snap. The unit comes with a digital scale, a blood pressure cuff and a finger sensor and walks you through steps needed to take your weight, blood pressure and your heart rate.

It can also ask you a series of questions about how you feel, which could raise any red flags about your health. The monitor sends your medical info to a caregiver or medical professional potentially catching any health problems early.

The Genesis DM may be bought, leased or rented for varying prices.

Jitterbug's Live Nurse gives you healthcare information over the phone. The large, hearing aid compatible phone connects you to a registered nurse 24 hours, seven days a week.

Live Nurse isn't for emergencies but can answer general health questions. After getting advice from the nurse you can be connected to a recorded library detailing hundreds of health topics.

Jitterbug's Live Nurse
is available for $4 a month.

Products like these can bring peace of mind to seniors who live alone as well as to those who care about them.

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From an electronic "neighbor" to a talking computer that checks vital signs, new devices can help older people stay in their homes safely.


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